NAR to raise your dues by 25%

NAR approves $30 annual dues hike for 2019… from $120 to $150 per year!

WASHINGTON — After a short debate, the board of directors of the National Association of Realtors has approved a proposed $30 increase in annual dues for 2019, a 25 percent jump from $120 to $150 per year and an additional $39 million per year for the 1.3 million-member trade group.

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How to paint your Charleston Home to get the most Resale Value

One of the most important things to remember when selling your Charleston Home is that you have to look at it from the buyer’s point of view, not just your own. This is especially true in the colors you choose for the interior and exterior walls.

Studies have shown that color evokes an emotional response in people and the colors you choose are a representation of how you see yourself. Although you may adore strong, bold colors and have the interior décor to match them, it may present drawbacks when it comes to resale value. This doesn’t mean you should paint every room in the house beige before listing your home. The goal is to choose colors that provide the ideal balance — neutral enough to have the presentation of a blank canvas, but interesting enough for the space to have a little character.

Here are some tips for selecting paint colors that will have potential buyers lining up to tour your home.

Painting the Exterior

The exterior of your Charleston Home is the first thing buyers see, so it is important to choose a color that enhances your curb appeal. It is also essential that you choose colors that blend well with the other homes in the neighborhood and emphasizes the style of your home. A few subtle, but noticeable exterior color options may include:

  • White, the most popular exterior color in Charleston, can make the outside of your Charleston Home appear larger and it can provide light to a shady yard. When you use white as the primary color, you can easily accentuate the architectural details and the trim in another, more noticeable color.
  • Neutral colors, such as beige, tan, gray or cream, will help the exterior look clean and well maintained. These colors also typically blend in well with the landscaping and will help flowers and shrubs “pop” against the house. You can also use a contrasting shade, such as a blue-gray, to give the home a stately appearance.
  • Dark paint color, such as blue, gray, brown and dark tan, are typically best used on a home in older neighborhoods. However, if your home is brick or stone, using these as trim colors will help show off the colors of the brick and stone.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 7.37.06 PM

Painting the Interior

Real estate agents used to recommend painting the interior walls white before selling a home. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. White walls provide an emotionless feeling, which is the last thing sellers want when buyers are touring their home. To help potential buyers “feel” something when they enter your Charleston Home, consider one of the following colors for interior walls:

  • Cream tones provide a neutral canvas and will help to accent the furniture and other home decor. Cream colored walls will also help the room feel larger and brighter.
  • Earth tones, such as warm greens, light browns, tans, orange and even some reds, will make your home feel warm and inviting, especially when used in the dining or living room.
  • Grays, when used correctly, can give your home a sleek, modern look. But it is important to use a gray that will bring out the accent colors and the lighting in the room.
  • Blue tones, when used in the right room, such as a bedroom, can give the space a calm and relaxed feeling. Darker blues work well in rooms such as the family room where you want to provide a sophisticated, yet calming feeling.

Painting before selling your Charleston Home may seem frustrating, but it is one of the least expensive ways to increase the resale value. A fresh coat of paint will also help the rooms look clean and well maintained.

Contact Charleston Realty Painting to learn more information about choosing the best paint colors for your home or to schedule an appointment for a free in-home quote.

Opendoor will now let any builder sell new homes through its ‘trade-up’ program

The fast-growing startup says its program replicates the process of selling an old car and buying a new one, but for homes

Opendoor will extend its home trade-up program beyond its pilot program with Lennar to all builders, the iBuyer announced Wednesday.

Four-year-old Opendoor — whose main business is buying and reselling homes directly online from homeowners in need of a quick transaction — launched a pilot home trade-up program in Las Vegas with Lennar in early 2017. Homeowners in the city would sell their homes to Opendoor and “trade up” for one of Lennar’s move-in-ready homes.

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What the Dodd-Frank rollback means for real estate

Economists say loosing restrictions could help solve the industry’s low inventory problem, but it also raises certain risks

Congress on Tuesday passed reforms to the Dodd-Frank Act, the massive financial reform bill enacted under President Obama in the wake of the 2008 crisis, a move that could have a serious impact on the real estate and mortgage lending sectors. Economists said the rollback of the Dodd-Frank regulations could lend a hand toward partially solving the industry’s inventory crisis — but there are some potential landmines.

Small- and medium-sized banks — those with assets under $250 billion — will no longer be subject to so-called “stress tests” designed to gauge how well institutions fare under financial pressure, which Dodd-Frank regulations now require them to undergo. Looser restrictions, meanwhile, could fuel more small-scale construction loans, economists informed.

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ShowingTime launches new real estate messaging app

The messaging platform will be available to more than 950,000 agents in 200 markets across US and Canada

ShowingTime, a Chicago-based showing management and technology firm, last week launched a messaging platform geared specifically toward real estate agents.

The agent-to-agent messaging system, which will allow agents to use an MLS feed and other ShowingTime products to communicate by text, instant message and email, was announced on Tuesday. ShowingTime President Michael Lane said the app will also help track real estate information like listings, sales and property tours.

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When is it Time to Paint your Charleston Home?

Sometimes it is obvious when you should repaint your home — but other times it may not be so clear. Maintaining your home’s exterior appearance can go a long way toward protecting your biggest investment. 

A freshly painted home adds value to any home. While many home improvements fail to increase the sales price of your home, sellers who repaint their exteriors increase the value of their homes (on average) by 41% more than what it cost to paint their home. So if it cost $5000 to paint your home, you will increase its home’s value by $7050.

When Should You Paint Your Charleston Home?

In general homeowners should paint their home when they can see any visible signs of chipping or peeling paint on the ground. But in Charleston, many homes are in close proximity to salt water. The resulting “salty air” is corrosive not only to paint, but even more so damaging to the metal fasteners which hold your home together.

When you can see orangish-red stains under your exterior paint… especially trim, decks and siding, it’s time to paint! Why??? Because the nails, screws and other metal fasteners holding your Charleston home together are rusting away to an orangish-red dust (which eats its way through your paint).

Rusting nails and screws not only ruin the look of your home, but if left untreated, cause structural damage to your wooden surfaces… which are very expensive to replace.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 5.29.22 PM

Even if you don’t care how unattractive your exterior looks, don’t allow too much time to pass between paint jobs, A fresh coat of paint doesn’t just improve the resale value of your home, it is vital to protecting your exterior wood against mold, water damage, rot, desiccation from summer sun and the highly corrosive affects of salty air.

The longer your unprotected wood is exposed to Charleston’s harsh elements, the higher the chance it will need to be replaced prior to repainting. Before your exterior wood suffers irreversible damage give the pros at Charleston Realty Painting a call, (843) 640-5892. They are experts at restoring your exterior wood surfaces and preventing further rust decay to the metal fasteners holding your Charleston home together.



How to stand out from the competition

Tom Ferry explains why it’s crucial to have a USP

You’re in a competitive situation every day of your life. That’s the life you chose when you opted for a real estate career.

So competing against others 24/7 begs the question: What makes you different? Or, in business terms: What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

If you have never answered that question, I want to help you do that today.

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