Staging tips for real estate agents in any region

Keep your ideal potential buyers’ taste in mind

Every home is different and unique, with each having a personality of its own. Staging your listing for potential buyers allows them to envision themselves living in your space.

When staging a home, it is crucial to understand the space in all its aspects. Feel it out, take note of the age of the home and the area you’re in.

Keep your potential buyer in mind, (be it young professionals in the heart of the city or a retiring couple near the coast).

Once you have a grasp on these details, the actual staging should be a breeze, and you’ll be able to attract a buyer in no time.

Check the tips below specific to the various regions of the U.S. when you’re planning on staging your next listing. Most of these tips are small and simple changes that make a huge difference!

Pacific and Mountain Pacific

The Pacific states, specifically the Pacific Northwest, is known for its eco-friendly and green building. Some must-haves for staging include upcycling industrial objects into functioning furnishings and art.

Mix these pieces with classic chairs and sofa sets. Give the space an edgy feel with reclaimed metal and wood shelving and side/coffee tables while softening the room with spunky and artsy Moroccan rugs.

This is a typically gray sky area so buyers are drawn to a space that is white, light and bright, giving inspiration to the buyers to make the room into any type of area they see need for personally.

Head south into California and over to the Mountain West states, and all tips point to sleek, modern, comfortable and inviting styles. Splashes of metal and glass make the space feel larger.

Natural interior elements paired with original art and modern decor round out the space and a personal touch of coziness, books and rugs help buyers see themselves living there.


The New England and surrounding areas are known for a lot of business and busy-ness. Think large eye-catching historical monuments, hectic streets and rich history.

This region drives home the importance that a house should really feel like a home to come back to at the end of each day. The key to this is to create a space that provides comfort and conversational settings among popular contemporary and industrial chic design.

Minimize the stuff in each room to really showcase the house. Bring that northeast monument feel into the home by displaying over-sized art adding luxury and pizazz.

Another way to catch the buyer’s eye is to remove the most dated item in a room and replace it with a current top-selling accessory or piece.


Southern hospitality is an important aspect to remember when staging a home in the South. Put the focus on the first area buyers see in a home, the entry way.

Bring in life with greenery and mirrors to enlarge the space. Then take your focus to areas that entertain such as the kitchen or outdoor space.

With all the color and culture outdoors, especially in New Orleans and Miami, tone it down with neutral whites and blues inside. Less is more, and minimizing the things that take up space will virtually increase square footage, which is never a bad thing.

Incorporate art that is specific to the area such as music pieces that give nod to the industry in Nashville, scenic beach paintings in Charleston, etc.


Throughout the midwest, staging experts recommend embracing the modern farmhouse style. Keep it clean and simple while mixing industrial, comfort and vintage.

Vintage furniture paired with contemporary textiles and fixtures show the buyer a modern lifestyle with some historical influence.

In more urban areas, focus your staging toward young professionals by staging a home office and incorporating work space to show the duality of a room.

Place unique pieces strategically to direct buyers’ eyes toward outdoor spaces or an interesting part of the home.

Staging can seem expensive and time consuming, but it’s worth it’s weight in gold. Not only will the home look amazing, but all the marketing materials will look better too.

Jackson Cooper is a writer and real estate enthusiast at Jensen and Company.

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