3 genius ways to split marketing costs with other agents

How to get more bang for your buck

One way real estate agents are getting more ROI from their marketing efforts is by teaming up. Planned together, well-thought out marketing endeavors help brand agents and can be lucrative in turning over inventory and earning healthy commissions.

Including digital co-op ad buys and splitting branded social media boosted posts, agents are working in sync to get more bang for their buck.

Splitting the cost of a marketing campaign can help increase the visibility of a brand or a specific piece of property.

I’ve personally learned that you get more exposure within your budget when you co-op a marketing or publicity purchase with another agent.

Here are three simple ways agents can team up to get more marketing exposure for less money.

Get a 3-D camera on your side

One of the more costly exposure efforts is the use of a 3-D virtual tours. Sure, this isn’t a traditional ad buy or publicity endeavor, but 3-D can help show and sell property.

In my opinion, the Matterport 3-D camera is by far one of the most effective marketing tools in the real estate industry. The system can be used for websites, social media and even in the virtual platform itself.

No matter how complex or simple a space may be, this camera can show it from all angles and with amazing accuracy.

Promote yourself with content

Self-publishing content on a platform is a great way to push information and co-brand with other agents without having to do a co-op buy or sink a lot of money into spinning or promoting it in search of a higher search engine rank (SEO).

Medium is an excellent platform to accomplish these goals. You could also use LinkedIn or various other platforms.

I like Medium because you can add header images and better-looking text, and the platform looks like a professional news site, rather than the social network feel that LinkedIn or other social media platforms have.

Share the cost of landing/squeeze pages

Teaming up with a broker or another agent to create an offer or squeeze page is also a good idea. Landing pages help you create marketing lists, and you can share them with the appropriate permissions.

With squeeze pages, some options will allow you to create and include a home appraisal tool or some other tools to assist in the real estate process, which is effective when it comes to converting interest into actual marketing data like email addresses.

I have found that any type of real estate tool that would be helpful to prospective buyers or sellers makes a squeeze page effective, especially if you include the added bonus with sendable results and information or bonus tools after the user completes the form.

Above are the top three priorities you should have when working with any other real estate professional to co-brand or market yourself or your property.

Time and money is required, but the ROI from these top tools is well-worth the effort.

Teaming up for marketing, regardless of whether you use my recommendations, is an economic and practical solution to getting more exposure. It’s a competitive real estate market, and we simply can’t rely on word-of-mouth anymore.

Being proactive and learning about the different ways to market, and better yet, offset costs, is imperative.

Sam Benson, SRES, is a real estate broker in the greater Walnut Creek, California, area.

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