The ones to watch: Emerging real estate models across the globe

The players changing the way people buy and sell homes

In this report, global real estate tech expert Mike DelPrete covers the trends that are changing the industry and the major players gaining traction around the world.

This slideshow is the product of two years of research based on his work with more than 100 different companies and dozens of global leaders.

The analysis started with one key question: What are the new models gaining traction that are changing the way people buy and sell residential real estate?


  • Globally, disruptors gaining the most traction are coming from well-funded startups. It’s very unlikely incumbents or portals (such as Zillow) will disrupt (slide 184).
  • The evidence points to real estate agents not going anywhere. Even in five years, they will still be a big part of the process (slides 179, 186).
  • The players with the most traction have the most customer-facing staff. People are not getting replaced by technology (slides 165, 187).
  • Those using technology do so to automate processes and improve the experience. We’re not seeing far-reaching digitization occurring, just focused in a few key areas; again, in terms of the models getting the most traction (slide 189).
  • Massive industry disruption is occurring overseas. It would be silly to ignore this (slide 30).

Download the report here. 

Mike DelPrete is a strategic adviser and global expert in real estate tech. 

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