8 things all agents should keep in their car to be show-ready

Pack a ‘to-go bag’ so that you’re always prepared to help clients, no matter where you are

Weekends are full of activities, especially for real estate agents. There are always times when you think you’re free and clear to go to your kid’s soccer game or run a few errands, and a client will call and completely upheave your plans.

Emergencies pop up in everybody’s lives. One way to be prepared at all times is to have a “to-go bag” in your car. Here are eight items you should consider keeping in your car to help you be ready at the drop of a hat.

Emergency makeup/grooming kit

Let’s say you’re out running errands and get caught off guard by a client who wants to see a home, but you aren’t in showing condition. You don’t want to meet your clients looking unkempt.

Consider keeping a small travel size makeup or grooming kit with you so that you are able to look your best in hurry when needed.

A fresh-pressed outfit

Keeping a spare set of clothes in your car is smart for several reasons. You never know when you might spill on your clothes, and nobody wants to show a home with a big stain on their shirt.

Having a spare outfit also means that you’re ready when you’re out and about in casual clothing and a client calls unexpectedly.

You always want to appear your best, so keeping a set of professional clothing handy could be a lifesaver.

Energy Snacks

Sometimes your day becomes more busy than you expected, and you realize that you aren’t going to have time to get lunch.

On days like this, it’s helpful to have some granola bars, trail mix or other easy snacks full of energy to keep you going throughout the day. Plus, no one wants to work with an hangry real estate agent.

Air freshener

If you arrive at a home to make sure it’s ready before the client arrives and you realize that it has a weird smell for some reason, you do not want that smell to influence potential buyers’ thoughts about the entire home.

Quickly using an air freshener could alleviate the stench and help buyers envision themselves living in the home.

Phone charger

You simply cannot afford not to have your phone while on the job. Your phone is what connects you with existing and future clients.

Without one, you are unavailable, which leads to loss of clients and commission. Of course, you’ll want to have enough juice on your device to get you through the end of the day, so be sure to bring USB chargers or a portable power bank that can keep your devices running all day.

Dog treats

There are various ways to impress and engage clients, and this is perhaps one of the more clever ones. Although it might seem weird to have dog treats in your pocket while meeting with clients, it can come in handy when the client or the homeowner has dogs who are too excited, and quite frankly, being a nuisance during your tour of the property.

Put some dog biscuits in a baggie, and store them in your trunk. You’ll never know when you’ll need some to diffuse a rambunctious and distracting pet. As a precaution, be sure to ask whether the dog is allergic to certain treats or food.

Oral hygiene products

Your day revolves around meeting with people. You need to keep your pearly whites fresh and clean. Meeting with clients when you have a piece of of food hanging in between your chompers isn’t ideal, to say the least.

Keep an oral hygiene kit in your dashboard compartment or bag so you can easily freshen up in between meals and meetings.

Service provider list

Buying a home can come with many complications for clients, and they do not have the contacts that you, as a real estate agent, do.

You never know what kind of a service your client might ask about, and being able to provide your clients with a reputable list of electricians, plumbers, financial mortgage advisers, etc., could be invaluable and earn you some referrals in the future.

Keeping the eight things above in your car will help you be prepared to help clients at all times. Although carrying some dog treats and toothpaste isn’t what closes sales, it definitely helps when you are in a tight pinch.

Thadeus Pence is and entrepreneur with Allgreen Lawn Services in Richmond, Virginia.

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