How to increase your Charleston home’s curb appeal with paint

Whether they see your home on an online realtor’s listing or drive by your home on the way to work, it is going to be judged by many shoppers solely on its exterior appearance. What makes people decide to buy a home is a complex equation including location, style and pricing, but the color of a home can have a profound impact in those fleeting moments that make a person love or hate a home. Charleston’s housing market can be volatile, leaving you sitting on a piece of property that you don’t want or need for several months or more. One of the best ways to quicken the speed of selling your home is focusing on improving its curb appeal. Changing the exterior paint color is a fast and inexpensive way to accomplish this, as long as you select a color that buyers will want. There is a wide selection of possibilities, but these three are guaranteed to be effective choices to replace.

A Classic White

White is one of the most popular colors in Charleston thanks to its ability to quickly adapt to a new owner’s tastes with just a quick change to the trim and accent coloring. It also has a tangible benefit for pragmatic owners thanks to its ability to reflect light, reducing the amount of heat the building absorbs throughout the day. There’s also less worry about the color bleeding through future changes.

A Soothing Gray-Blue

A soft mix of gray and blue works with nearly any type of home and its neutral appearance means it won’t be scaring off any buyers. It can take on nearly as many complementary colors as white, but it carries slightly more personality in comparison.

A Rustic Brown

There is an intrinsic link between colors like brown and green with nature, homes and the Earth. Brown homes in the center of a flourishing green garden can look like a haven in the middle of a busy city, enticing buyers to plant their own roots there.

Get Your Home Dressed to Impressed Today

Whichever color you decide is the best to get buyers in the door, you don’t want to push them away with a shoddy coat of color with uneven saturation or problems they will have to correct later. Bring your color ideas to Charleston Realty Painting instead, and they can help you decide on particular varieties as well as proper trim and accent colors to make your home pop out against the competition.

The pros at Charleston Realty Painting always provide the best value for your home. So contact them today for a free quote and consultation on your painting project.

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