When is it Time to Paint your Charleston Home?

Sometimes it is obvious when you should repaint your home — but other times it may not be so clear. Maintaining your home’s exterior appearance can go a long way toward protecting your biggest investment. 

A freshly painted home adds value to any home. While many home improvements fail to increase the sales price of your home, sellers who repaint their exteriors increase the value of their homes (on average) by 41% more than what it cost to paint their home. So if it cost $5000 to paint your home, you will increase its home’s value by $7050.

When Should You Paint Your Charleston Home?

In general homeowners should paint their home when they can see any visible signs of chipping or peeling paint on the ground. But in Charleston, many homes are in close proximity to salt water. The resulting “salty air” is corrosive not only to paint, but even more so damaging to the metal fasteners which hold your home together.

When you can see orangish-red stains under your exterior paint… especially trim, decks and siding, it’s time to paint! Why??? Because the nails, screws and other metal fasteners holding your Charleston home together are rusting away to an orangish-red dust (which eats its way through your paint).

Rusting nails and screws not only ruin the look of your home, but if left untreated, cause structural damage to your wooden surfaces… which are very expensive to replace.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 5.29.22 PM

Even if you don’t care how unattractive your exterior looks, don’t allow too much time to pass between paint jobs, A fresh coat of paint doesn’t just improve the resale value of your home, it is vital to protecting your exterior wood against mold, water damage, rot, desiccation from summer sun and the highly corrosive affects of salty air.

The longer your unprotected wood is exposed to Charleston’s harsh elements, the higher the chance it will need to be replaced prior to repainting. Before your exterior wood suffers irreversible damage give the pros at Charleston Realty Painting a call, (843) 640-5892. They are experts at restoring your exterior wood surfaces and preventing further rust decay to the metal fasteners holding your Charleston home together.



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