How to stand out from the competition

Tom Ferry explains why it’s crucial to have a USP

You’re in a competitive situation every day of your life. That’s the life you chose when you opted for a real estate career.

So competing against others 24/7 begs the question: What makes you different? Or, in business terms: What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

If you have never answered that question, I want to help you do that today.

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Notarize debuts systems for fully automated online closings

Updates to the Notarize Mortgage API are geared toward title agents and lenders

Notarize, a digital platform for legally notarizing documents online, has had a transformative year: the company was selected to join The National Association of Realtors’ REach Accelerator program, launched Notarize Mortgage API (for fully automated closings) and garnered strategic financing from NAR investment firm Second Century Ventures.

Now, Notarize is expanding the Notarize Mortgage Platform with the addition of three new products: Notarize for Title Agents, the Notarize Title Network, and the Notarize Smart Routing Service.

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Quicken Loans sibling In-House Realty purchases for $2.5M

The acquisition will allow Quicken Loans to create an ‘all-in-one’ housing marketplace, linking Rocket Mortgage borrowers, an agent referral network, and now, homes for sale

Detroit-based In-House Realty — a sister company to lending giant Quicken Loans — announced on Wednesday the purchase of for $2.5 million. The online marketplace that exclusively features “for sale by owner” listings was previously owned by media conglomerate Tronc.

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3 tips for breaking into the luxury real estate niche

It’s all about understanding your audience and delivering service they value

There’s a big difference between being the real estate agent next door and representing high-end clients in the luxury real estate market. Although you can make a healthy living in the first capacity, you can make a killing in the latter.

Below, we’ll talk through the advantages of getting into luxury real estate and three tips for breaking into the niche.

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How to Properly Clean Your Painted Walls

Whether you see it at first glance or not, your walls in your Charleston Home become covered in oil residue, dirt and dust without you even knowing it.

In fact, your walls are not as clean as you may think. Try removing a picture that’s been hanging on the wall. Yep, that square is what clean looks like. That’s what your wall looked like on the day it was painted. Time to re-paint? Depending on how long ago you painted, and the particular color, you may be able to get a fresh look by cleaning the walls. And you’ll be pleased to know it’s much easier.


Before You Clean

Determine the paint’s finish so you’ll know how hard you can scrub. Some sheens are hardier than others. Semi-gloss and satin, to a lesser extent, will stand up to heavy-duty washing, but you’ll need to be gentle with eggshell and flat paint finishes. They’re apt to rub off if you scrub too hard. And never use an abrasive cleaner — period. Next, you need to remove surface dust so you won’t streak the walls. The easiest way is to vacuum, using the brush attachment. Lastly, spread rags or newspaper on the floor to soak up the excess water.

Better Slow and Safe, than Sorry

The best way to test the hardiness of the paint is to start with a gentle liquid cleaner. If it doesn’t live up to the task, move up a notch with a mixture of warm water and dishwashing detergent. If you’re still not happy with the results, take a cup of ammonia, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 1/2 cup of vinegar in a bucket of warm water. If you come upon a stubborn stain, spread a paste of baking soda and water over it,  leave it a minute or so, then give it a final rub and rinse clean.


The Wash and Rinse Cycle

Now that you have found the optimal cleaning liquid, you need to concentrate on the task at hand, working carefully and methodically to avoid leaving streaks on the walls. Gather two buckets and two sponges, one set for washing, the other for rinsing. You’ll also need several towels. Wet the first sponge in the washing liquid, wring it out until it’s just damp, and work from ceiling to floor in straight sections. Follow the same procedure with the rinsing sponge, using plain water. Then dry the section with a towel before moving on to the next.

Cleaning your walls may not be the most exciting job in the world, but keep at it. You’ll be rewarded with a fresh, clean room that looks almost as good as if you’d painted it. Are your walls too far gone, and you think you might be in need of a new coat of paint? Contact the pros at Charleston Realty Painting and they can help!

3 pros (and cons) of joining a real estate team

It all comes down to professional preferences and personal characteristics

Many in the industry love to talk about the benefits of joining a real estate teamright now. It’s true that there are pros to being a team agent. But some agents will find that the pros to working on a team are outweighed by the cons.

If you’re thinking about joining a team, weigh your options by looking over the pros and cons of real estate teams below.

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It’s time to stop ignoring the crisis at NAR

Op-ed: MLSListings CEO Jim Harrison explains grievances with recent NAR actions and the upcoming vote to raise dues

The purpose of this document is to acknowledge and fully outline what is happening and not happening at NAR that will negatively impact hundreds of thousands of Realtors. It is also to provide MLSListings officers and executives, those with leadership roles and responsibilities, with information for the upcoming NAR Legislative Meetings in Washington, D.C.

The emerging facts and circumstances surrounding these meetings are extremely tenuous and fluid. While the motive for this report is to present facts as accurately as possible, this document’s ultimate value is in identifying questions and answers that should be addressed during the Washington meetings.

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