10 unspoken rules every homeseller should know

Selling a home is hard work

Major Points

  • Focus on keeping the staging as clean and simple as possible. If it’s going to be difficult keeping things cleaned up, move out. Clutter and mess won’t sell your home.
  • The home inspection is a headache that you want out of the way as soon as possible. Take care of problems now. Don’t wait. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • It might cost you, but what you save in the end makes hiring a professional agent more than worth it.
You’ve been thinking about selling your home. How hard can it be? You just clean the house, take some pictures and put them up online. That’s all it takes, right? Not quite, but you knew that. Here’s what you don’t know but should as a future homeseller.

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Working through an epic seller’s market

Facing the challenges of low inventory, acknowledging the facts and pushing forward

Major Points:

  • Some sellers are developing unreasonable expectations in this seller’s market.
  • Investors and baby boomers aren’t selling as expected, which is contributing to the issue of low inventory.

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11 reasons For Sale By Owner is a terrible idea

Agents can save sellers time, money, liability and hassle

  • FSBOs are more costly than homeowners realize — including lower sales prices and     hidden fees.
  • Selling a home is a complicated transaction — sellers and buyers alike can get burned with FSBOs.
  • Time costs money — a FSBO costs the seller valuable time, and it takes longer to sell.

Frank, a smart and tech-savvy Denver homeowner, thought he’d skip the agent commission and sell his house himself.

He researched his home’s property value, found a buyer and got the house under contract. It seemed like a done deal.

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4 reasons Real Estate agents are as popular as ever

NAR report begs question: Why does demand for agents remain at historic highs?

Key Takeaways

  • The popularity of real estate agents remains historically high.
  • Inventory shortages could be bolstering demand for agents.
  • The abundance of real estate data and complexity of the transaction process could also be driving consumers into agents’ arms.

Real estate agents remain as popular as ever among consumers — offering the latest hint that, contrary to some predictions, the Internet has actually bolstered demand for their services, according to a recent survey released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

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3 Tips to Win Over Millennial Homebuyers

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, millennials currently make up 34 percent of U.S. homebuyers—the largest share of buyers for the fourth consecutive year! NAR research also shows that while there are barriers to break through, such as student loan debt and fast-moving inventory, 94 percent of millennials want to own their own home.
While many millennials are putting home-buying off slightly longer than previous generations, their time is coming, which means you should be paying attention to this important group and learning how to best market to them—you can’t afford not to!
Here are three simple tips to help you win over millennial homebuyers:

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