How to paint your Charleston Home to get the most Resale Value

One of the most important things to remember when selling your Charleston Home is that you have to look at it from the buyer’s point of view, not just your own. This is especially true in the colors you choose for the interior and exterior walls.

Studies have shown that color evokes an emotional response in people and the colors you choose are a representation of how you see yourself. Although you may adore strong, bold colors and have the interior décor to match them, it may present drawbacks when it comes to resale value. This doesn’t mean you should paint every room in the house beige before listing your home. The goal is to choose colors that provide the ideal balance — neutral enough to have the presentation of a blank canvas, but interesting enough for the space to have a little character.

Here are some tips for selecting paint colors that will have potential buyers lining up to tour your home.

Painting the Exterior

The exterior of your Charleston Home is the first thing buyers see, so it is important to choose a color that enhances your curb appeal. It is also essential that you choose colors that blend well with the other homes in the neighborhood and emphasizes the style of your home. A few subtle, but noticeable exterior color options may include:

  • White, the most popular exterior color in Charleston, can make the outside of your Charleston Home appear larger and it can provide light to a shady yard. When you use white as the primary color, you can easily accentuate the architectural details and the trim in another, more noticeable color.
  • Neutral colors, such as beige, tan, gray or cream, will help the exterior look clean and well maintained. These colors also typically blend in well with the landscaping and will help flowers and shrubs “pop” against the house. You can also use a contrasting shade, such as a blue-gray, to give the home a stately appearance.
  • Dark paint color, such as blue, gray, brown and dark tan, are typically best used on a home in older neighborhoods. However, if your home is brick or stone, using these as trim colors will help show off the colors of the brick and stone.

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Painting the Interior

Real estate agents used to recommend painting the interior walls white before selling a home. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. White walls provide an emotionless feeling, which is the last thing sellers want when buyers are touring their home. To help potential buyers “feel” something when they enter your Charleston Home, consider one of the following colors for interior walls:

  • Cream tones provide a neutral canvas and will help to accent the furniture and other home decor. Cream colored walls will also help the room feel larger and brighter.
  • Earth tones, such as warm greens, light browns, tans, orange and even some reds, will make your home feel warm and inviting, especially when used in the dining or living room.
  • Grays, when used correctly, can give your home a sleek, modern look. But it is important to use a gray that will bring out the accent colors and the lighting in the room.
  • Blue tones, when used in the right room, such as a bedroom, can give the space a calm and relaxed feeling. Darker blues work well in rooms such as the family room where you want to provide a sophisticated, yet calming feeling.

Painting before selling your Charleston Home may seem frustrating, but it is one of the least expensive ways to increase the resale value. A fresh coat of paint will also help the rooms look clean and well maintained.

Contact Charleston Realty Painting to learn more information about choosing the best paint colors for your home or to schedule an appointment for a free in-home quote.

When is it Time to Paint your Charleston Home?

Sometimes it is obvious when you should repaint your home — but other times it may not be so clear. Maintaining your home’s exterior appearance can go a long way toward protecting your biggest investment. 

A freshly painted home adds value to any home. While many home improvements fail to increase the sales price of your home, sellers who repaint their exteriors increase the value of their homes (on average) by 41% more than what it cost to paint their home. So if it cost $5000 to paint your home, you will increase its home’s value by $7050.

When Should You Paint Your Charleston Home?

In general homeowners should paint their home when they can see any visible signs of chipping or peeling paint on the ground. But in Charleston, many homes are in close proximity to salt water. The resulting “salty air” is corrosive not only to paint, but even more so damaging to the metal fasteners which hold your home together.

When you can see orangish-red stains under your exterior paint… especially trim, decks and siding, it’s time to paint! Why??? Because the nails, screws and other metal fasteners holding your Charleston home together are rusting away to an orangish-red dust (which eats its way through your paint).

Rusting nails and screws not only ruin the look of your home, but if left untreated, cause structural damage to your wooden surfaces… which are very expensive to replace.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 5.29.22 PM

Even if you don’t care how unattractive your exterior looks, don’t allow too much time to pass between paint jobs, A fresh coat of paint doesn’t just improve the resale value of your home, it is vital to protecting your exterior wood against mold, water damage, rot, desiccation from summer sun and the highly corrosive affects of salty air.

The longer your unprotected wood is exposed to Charleston’s harsh elements, the higher the chance it will need to be replaced prior to repainting. Before your exterior wood suffers irreversible damage give the pros at Charleston Realty Painting a call, (843) 640-5892. They are experts at restoring your exterior wood surfaces and preventing further rust decay to the metal fasteners holding your Charleston home together.



5 tips for Charleston investors looking to get into the Airbnb game

Charleston is one of the country’s hottest markets for Airbnb investors. But knowing the pitfalls that arise within the short-term housing industry is a must for those who want to be successful at it

Airbnb and similar vacation rental portals have changed the game in real estate investment. The benefits of renting a Charleston investment property on Airbnb are many, and it’s a trend conscious property managers and owners are jumping into headfirst.

But knowing the risks that arise within this industry is a must for those who want to be successful at it. Here are a few tips to help your clients avoid the common pitfalls associated with renting out Charleston investment properties on Airbnb.

Know municipal restrictions 

Make sure you know your local laws. For example, Charleston’s City Council recently finalized a new set of rules that allows short-term rentals citywide, but only under strict circumstances. It bans whole-home rentals and requires property owners to stay home whenever they host guests.

While this new ordinance only affects the City of Charleston, for many who have already invested in downtown’s short-term rental market, this is a crushing financial blow. As such, if you are considering an Airbnb type investment in downtown Charleston, do your homework first!

Be aware of taxes

Income earned from short-term rentals is taxable income. The City of Charleston is now charging short-term rental investors additional fees and taxes, namely business license fees and accommodations taxes. Knowing what taxes and fees to expect in your locality is a must prior to engaging in the short-term rental business. Again, do your homework!

Vet guests

“If you vet your prospective guests correctly and manage expectations, you will have a positive experience,” Heatheran Kristopher, SRCI Group International consultant, said.

Things get riskier when an incoming guest has never tried Airbnb housing before, and he or she doesn’t know what to expect from the process. She stresses that “giving those guests attention upfront is a must to ensure that they have a pleasant experience.”

Beef up insurance

Before renting out property, homeowners need to check in with their insurance agent. “The insurance industry has not caught up with the latest trends in technology and real estate,” James Steele of S&T Insurance Agency explains. “Nine out 10 times policies have strict exclusions for short-term rentals.”

Most homeowner’s insurance policies carry a business pursuit’s exclusion, and liability falls on the homeowners.

While Airbnb and other hosting sites offer trip protection to their users, make sure to consult with your insurance provider. Remind your clients that insurance is complicated and that waiting until they actually have a claim is not the best time to sort out their coverage.

Check condo rules

Chances are, your client’s condo bylaws or rules and regulations prohibit short-term rentals. Make sure your client reviews his or her condo documents carefully.

It is typical for a condo association to require a minimum lease term for any renters, and a requirement for association board approval is also typical.

Paint your interior for favorable Reviews

The success your Airbnb investment is inextricably linked to the quality and favorability of your guest reviewsA cross-sectional study of Airbnb reviews sites dirty walls and chipping/cracked paint as the 4th highest “interior” guest complaint (behind kitchens, bathrooms & home furnishings).

While kitchen, bathrooms & home furnishing renovations often run into the tens of thousands of dollars, painting your interior surfaces is a cost-effective way to make your guests feel more comfortable and far more likely to leave favorable reviews. Charleston Realty Painting specializes in “quick turn” painting projects for real estate professionals. Contact them today at 843-640-5892 to improve your Airbnb reviews.

3 Reasons to hire a Professional painting company for your Charleston Home

Like most homeowners, you probably consider your home your biggest investment and taking care of it is crucial. When it comes time to paint, you may find it tempting to do it yourself, but you may want to consider hiring a professional painting company to do the job. Here are three compelling reasons to hire a painting professional:

A Professional Painting Contractor Will Save You Time and Money
If you’ve ever attempted a do-it-yourself project, you know that the task can easily get out of control. You need to make multiple trips for special tools or brushes, and it’s difficult to finish the job on time. With a professional painting company, you’ll have multiple people working on your project at the same time, cutting down the length of time needed for completion. When you hire an expert, you’ll get the painting done on schedule, freeing you up to spend your time on something more fun.

Most do-it-yourself projects end up costing much more than your original budget. Not knowing how much paint or which tools you’ll need can add unanticipated expenses. From set-up to clean-up, when you hire a painting expert you’ll not only get the job done on time, but you’ll have less strain on your wallet.

A Professional Painting Contractor Will Deliver Quality
Today’s painting choices involve more than just oil or latex. Charleston Realty Painting has experts with years of experience in the industry who know how to paint properly and have all the tools required to do a quality job. You surfaces need to be prepped properly, and the paint needs to be applied uniformly. Hiring a professional will avoid surprises and ensure your paint finish is done correctly and will last for years.

A Professional Painting Company is Safer
What will happen if you fall off your ladder and hurt your back? Every painting project requires safety precautions related to the work. Common hazards can cause severe injuries and loss of income. If you have to pay a deductible for a paint-related injury, you’ve just increased your spend. Charleston Realty Painting is licensed and insured, and all their painting contractors are trained on safety rules to prevent accidents and reduce your risk of injury claims. Why put your safety at risk?

If your Charleston home is beginning to look a bit shabby and you’re considering having it painted, the painting experts at Charleston Realty Painting will save you time, money, and headaches. Call them today at 843-640-5892 for more information about transforming your home.

Ribbon will turn any home bid into an all-cash offer

The tech startup, backed by a Trulia co-founder, is live in Charlotte and plans to expand into 12-15 markets in the next year

A new startup wants to make sure homebuyers never lose out to all-cash offers again. Ribbon, launched in Charlotte, North Carolina, last month, promises to turn any homebuyer into a guaranteed all-cash buyer.

The company pulls financial data and analyzes mortgage products to determine what kind of home financing a buyer would eventually be able to secure.

Then, often before that financing is complete, Ribbon backs a buyer’s offer with its own funding up to that amount. Importantly, Ribbon first conducts a “quick, fair valuation” on a buyer’s target home before extending its funding (it also pre-qualifies some homes and lists them on its website).

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Alexa-powered smart homes coming to Charleston soon

Amazon and Lennar are partnering to put smart home tech into thousands of new homes, starting with model ones

It won’t be long before Amazon’s Alexa voice-activated artificial intelligence assistant comes pre-programmed into new Charleston homes.

On Wednesday, Amazon and Lennar announced they were partnering on a new series of model homes around the U.S. filled with Amazon’s smart devices, where customers can come and see how the technology works in a living space. Even more important: Lennar says it will begin building all of its new homes with “built-in Wi-Fi, smart locks, doorbells, thermostats and lights — all controlled by Alexa,” according to USA Today. That means 35,000 new smart homes by the end of the year.

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How The Color of Your Nursery Affects Your Baby

Blue for boys and pink for girls, right? These may be the traditional colors parents paint the nursery, but there is no reason you have to feel stuck with only these two choices.

Color therapy experts believe the colors which surround us have a strong influence on the way we feel and behave. Why not try to incorporate some of the theories of color therapy into your decision of what to paint your baby’s nursery?

Understanding The Influence of Five Colors

Yellow is a bright and cheery color. It is hard to feel bad in a room the same color as the sun. Color therapists suggest softer shades of yellow promote concentration and emotional well-being. You may want to stay away from bright shades of yellow because they can overstimulate and increase the frequency of insomnia.

Green represents the natural world. It is a very calming color and can to help settle a fussy baby as well as soothe a stressed-out parent. Green promotes sleep and relaxation. It is also a great color to increase the ability for people to study, so keep it around even after your baby enters school.

Orange is an extremely warm color. This cheerful choice makes people feel instantly better and gives them a strong sense of safety. Some color experts claim orange promotes communication between people; this may help parents and children bond. Stay away from brighter shades of orange which can make it harder for babies to fall asleep.

Purple may be a regal color, but it is also a good choice for your baby’s nursery. Shades of dark purple are calming and promote sleep.  This color is also perfect for helping to free a child’s imagination and creativity. Lighter shades of purple, like lilac and violet, encourages selflessness and compassion for others.

Brown is not the first choice for many people to use for a nursery, but it has a few advantages over more lively options. It reflexes a strong familial bond and a sense of responsibility. It can help instill in your child values of honesty, dependability and a love of nature.  Dark furniture and light brown walls offer a rich, classy look.

Color can really alter the way you feel. Maybe it is time for a change? Charleston Realty Painting serves Charleston home owners and rental properties throughout the Charleston lowcountry. They provide a wide range of quality painting services. Call the experts at Charleston Realty Painting (843) 640-5892 to arrange a free in-home consultation.