How Room Color Affects Your Children as they Grow

Most kids spend the majority of their time in their rooms outside of school. That is why everything from the paint color to the room’s furniture and decoration style can have insignificant influence over their behavior.

If you are planning to renovate your child’s bedrooms, you might incorporate these tips on room colors and room layout to make your kid’s room a positive influence in their life.

Colors Matter

It may seem strange when you first hear that colors can profoundly change the behavior of people, but after spending time thinking about real-life examples, it seems obvious. The ability of colors to influence a person’s mood is the reason bedrooms are not red and why you feel put off by certain color combinations like green and purple.

You can create a welcoming and inspiring color palette for your kid’s room by choosing them carefully.

Blue is a traditional color for bedrooms for good reason. A blue room is very calming and can decrease feelings of aggression.

Green has a very similar effect to blue colors on children. It is a color which tends to reduce anxiety and provide a calming effect. In addition, some people believe softer shades of green can make kids better readers by increasing their reading speed, comprehension and ability to concentrate.

Yellow is not the most relaxing color, but it does provide a cheery atmosphere. Like green, muted yellow tones can help kids concentrate better, but brighter yellows are good for promoting a better memory. Parents may want to avoid using yellow in their child’s room if they are overly restless, as this color can increase those tendencies.

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Furniture Matters, Too

Colors are important when you are renovating your kid’s room, but so is the furniture you choose. Once your child hits middle school, the cutesy décor probably won’t work anymore. It is the time to create a grown-up room where they can feel comfortable until heading off to college.

The secret is to think how they will use the room years from now. While a full-sized bed for an 11-year-old may seem unnecessary now, it won’t be long before they are a teenager. A smaller desk may be fine at the moment, but purchasing a larger one which will still work when they are a high school senior makes more sense.

Renovating a room is expensive. Doing it right will save you money in the long run. Charleston Realty Painting can help with all your interior and exterior painting needs. Call them at 843-640-5892 to learn more.


Home Color Trends FOR 2018

Your Charleston Home will look beautiful

Color is often an individual choice, but there are also some hard and fast rules you should be aware of. Charleston Realty Painting is here to help keep you on the right track. So, if you are itching to get out your brushes and rollers, here are some tips for colors that are trending in 2018.

Constant Colors

Before we get into the standouts for the year, it’s nice to remember there are colors that are still going strong. These are the colors that Charleston homeowners are using in everyday painting projects, regardless of trends.

Interior Colors

Gray is still holding its own, thanks to the many neutral shades available. The versatility of painting with gray is why this color scheme remains popular in 2018. There isn’t a room in your home where gray will not complement your décor.

Orange is the new black? Not when it comes to trending colors. Black is still a prime choice for homeowners, especially when it comes to accented walls. Some of the colors that are grabbing the attention of homeowners are Onyx, Shadow and Black Flame.

Green never goes away; it’s just the names that change. Cooler shades of green are most popular, taking on names that you may recognize from your gard Sage and thyme are among the many shades of green that have borrowed their names from well-known herbs.

Did you know that you can paint your home in berries? Well, not quite, but you can draw from many of the different shades that berries offer. “Berries” is the collective name for a group of shades that offer homeowners a broad array of colors to choose from. Cherry, grape and blueberry are some of the options that have been popular for some time.

Exterior Colors

Yet again, neutral colors top the list of choices for most homeowners when it comes to exterior paint. Just like in 2017, neutral shades of green or yellow are expected to feature in the color scheme of many Charleston homes. These colors are ideal for ensuring curb appeal when you need your home to look good in its surroundings.

White as a trim color choice is still trending and is expected to continue to do so as long as homeowners remain inspired by combining it with shades such as beige and tan. As a focal point, these colors are the perfect selection for homeowners who want to make their property stand out.

Just as it is in the interior of the home, gray is making waves as an exterior palette choice. Sidings, roofs and garage doors are some of the main areas that can benefit from gray paint. It is also a popular option when it comes to pairing it with white trim.

Blue has always been a common color for exteriors; however, with more vibrant shades of paint emerging, more and more homeowners are getting on board with opting for blue as their primary exterior color.

2018 Color Trends

Now for the big reveal: The colors that are trending strong in 2018.These are the colors that industry experts agree are going to gain popularity throughout the year. If you want to impress family and friends with your rich color scheme, consider the following options for your next painting project.

Warm yellows are emerging as a contender for top color pick in any room. Paint manufacturers are clamoring to provide homeowners with a greater range of yellow shades that are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.

Boca Raton Blue is another color that seems to be creeping up in the top contender stakes in 2018. This color inspires images of lying on the beach, watching the waves crash in a turbulent sea. For homeowners who love natural pine frames for pictures or mirrors, this is the color for you.

Are you ready for some Ultra Violet in your life? Well, you should be. Color consultants across the country agree that Ultra Violet is set to potentially become the favorite shade for homeowners in 2018.

The year is not over, yet, so if you need help picking a color scheme for your interior or exterior painting project, let the experts help. Charleston Realty Painting is there to guide you through all your trending paint choices. Call Charleston Realty Painting today if you would like further help in choosing your colors.

Choosing the right exterior paints for your Charleston Home

When planning an exterior painting makeover for your Charleston home, there are many decisions to make regarding your project. From choosing the right contractor to the color and type of paint, the choices you make are important in ensuring that you get results you will love. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the paint for your home’s exterior.

Start with Color

The first choice, and most likely the most difficult, is the color. Unless you are just repainting the same color, this is usually the step that takes the longest for homeowners. There are several factors to consider when choosing a new color, including:

  • Colors of homes in your neighborhood
  • Trending or popular color options
  • Matching or complementing your landscaping
  • How the sun/shade in your yard will impact the color
  • Whether you plan to sell your home
  • Stonework, bricks and other fixed features

All these factors come into play when choosing a new color for your home. Even though you may love the new “greige” that is popular for homes in 2018, if your next-door neighbor already has that color, you may want to make another choice. If you are planning on selling your home, you want a neutral color that will appeal to many different tastes. You also need trim and accent colors that pull the whole look together.

For 2018, some of the colors that are trending for home exteriors are grays, beige and greige. Neutral colors, especially earth tones, in lighter varieties are popular for siding and the majority of the exterior. However, the trim can be darker and bolder. A light gray paired with a bold navy for the trim, or a beige with brick red accents or trim offer a two-tone look that is popular for home exteriors in 2018.

Pick Your Finish

Flat, satin, gloss or semi-gloss – the finish of your paint can impact the way it appears and how easy it is to maintain. For most exteriors, high gloss is not appropriate; most siding is painted with flat, satin or semi-gloss. Trim, shutters and other accents can use gloss or semi-gloss. Here are some of the basics on the different types of finishes to help you choose the best for your new exterior paint job.

  • High- and semi-gloss are easier to clean, making them a good choice for access points like doors and windows. However, gloss paints do highlight flaws, so it is not always a good choice for older homes with siding or accents that may be worn, dented or have other flaws.
  • Flat or matte finishes are the best at hiding flaws on the surface. They are also more forgiving when applying the paint. However, they are also almost impossible to clean. Those with kids, pets or other issues that can tarnish the paint may want to go with a satin or semi-gloss.
  • Satin. For a richer color that can be cleaned, satin is a desirable finish for exteriors. It is trickier to get a clean, even look, so it is best when using a professional painting contractor versus DIY paint jobs.

The sun and shade can also impact how the sheen and color of your paint will look when finished. Try using a sample spot on each side of your home in different finishes to see how the paint performs in the light.

Quality of Paint

For exterior paint, the quality of the paint will impact how long it will last before you need to repaint. Investing in a higher quality paint can add years onto the expected longevity of your exterior paint. Top brands like Sherman Williams offer high-quality paints that can last for several years, depending on the type of paint you choose. While increased quality can impact the price, it can be a worthwhile investment if you plan on owning your home for more than five years.

Choosing the Best Charleston Painting Contractor

The final piece of the puzzle when planning your exterior painting project is choosing the right painting contractor. You want experienced, reliable professionals that will use high-quality paint and complete your painting project with finesse and expertise. Plus, you want to know you and your home will be treated with respect by licensed, insured contractors that will stand behind their work with a solid warranty.

Charleston Realty Painting offers everything you need in a painting contractor and more. You can expect experienced advice in choosing the right paint for your Charleston home and an on-site free estimate for your project. All paint jobs come with their outstanding three-year warranty and their guarantee of quality. They can help you find the right paints for your exterior and ensure your paint job is completed with the highest level of expertise and quality. Contact their team today to schedule your free consultation and quote.

Amazon’s next big project involves smart robots for your Charleston Home

Amazon is building a series of robots that drive around the home

Amazon is building a series of robots that will drive around the home with built-in cameras, according to a report Monday by Bloomberg, which said the robots will be named “Vesta,” after the Roman goddess of hearth and home, and launch by 2019.

The roving robots will likely function similarly to smart speakers like Amazon Echo, with the ability to move from room to room, although it’s unclear exactly what tasks they’ll be able to perform, according to the report.

The project, which has been in the works for years, is being spearheaded by Amazon’s Lab126, the research arm behind Amazon Echo and Fire TV.

The robot news comes at a time when Amazon has made several strides to take on the smart home device market.

In February, Amazon purchased the smart doorbell and security company Ring, and last year it unveiled Amazon Key, a lock and cloud camera system that lets delivery workers drop off packages while the homeowners are away.

Article by Veronika Bondarenko

How to increase your Charleston home’s curb appeal with paint

Whether they see your home on an online realtor’s listing or drive by your home on the way to work, it is going to be judged by many shoppers solely on its exterior appearance. What makes people decide to buy a home is a complex equation including location, style and pricing, but the color of a home can have a profound impact in those fleeting moments that make a person love or hate a home. Charleston’s housing market can be volatile, leaving you sitting on a piece of property that you don’t want or need for several months or more. One of the best ways to quicken the speed of selling your home is focusing on improving its curb appeal. Changing the exterior paint color is a fast and inexpensive way to accomplish this, as long as you select a color that buyers will want. There is a wide selection of possibilities, but these three are guaranteed to be effective choices to replace.

A Classic White

White is one of the most popular colors in Charleston thanks to its ability to quickly adapt to a new owner’s tastes with just a quick change to the trim and accent coloring. It also has a tangible benefit for pragmatic owners thanks to its ability to reflect light, reducing the amount of heat the building absorbs throughout the day. There’s also less worry about the color bleeding through future changes.

A Soothing Gray-Blue

A soft mix of gray and blue works with nearly any type of home and its neutral appearance means it won’t be scaring off any buyers. It can take on nearly as many complementary colors as white, but it carries slightly more personality in comparison.

A Rustic Brown

There is an intrinsic link between colors like brown and green with nature, homes and the Earth. Brown homes in the center of a flourishing green garden can look like a haven in the middle of a busy city, enticing buyers to plant their own roots there.

Get Your Home Dressed to Impressed Today

Whichever color you decide is the best to get buyers in the door, you don’t want to push them away with a shoddy coat of color with uneven saturation or problems they will have to correct later. Bring your color ideas to Charleston Realty Painting instead, and they can help you decide on particular varieties as well as proper trim and accent colors to make your home pop out against the competition.

The pros at Charleston Realty Painting always provide the best value for your home. So contact them today for a free quote and consultation on your painting project.

Quick Tips to Prep Your Charleston Deck for a Summer of Fun

There’s just something about the spring and summer months that tempt you to head outdoors, but if your deck isn’t in the best shape your time there might be distracting instead of relaxing! Make the most of the long summer days when you have a deck that is ready for summer enjoyment with these quick tips. 

Keeping Things Clean

It’s surprising how big of a difference a simple power washing can make for your deck! A power wash brings out the original color of the wood and gets rid of a winter’s worth of grime, smudges from leaves, bird droppings, mildew, peeling paint and even more. While you’re doing a deep clean, it’s a great time to identify any maintenance items that you’ll need to tackle such as loose boards, nails or screws that are sticking up. Learn more about best practices for power washing on this video from This Old House.

Brighten Up

Deck steps are notorious for being a tad dangerous, especially in the evening hours when lighting levels can be iffy. Keep your guests safe and bring a little light to the subject by adding some external lights. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy — fairy lights or a few well-placed spotlights may be all you need to provide a warm and welcoming glow to your favorite outdoor spaces. There are plenty of options for solar lights that will cut down on maintenance or wiring needs too. Keep your traffic pattern in mind when you’re designing the lighting, so you’ll always provide your guests with safe travel between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Freshen Your Look

Buying outdoor furniture can be expensive, but there are simpler ways to freshen up the look of your deck. Think about ways to accessorize without spending a fortune. A new outdoor rug or chair cushions are a reasonable way to add color and energy to the space. Wayfair offers a great selection of outdoor rugs, and there might be one that appeals to you!

Stain or Refinish

Staining your deck does require a bit of commitment, but it also protects and extends the life of your investment. A premium deck stain assures that you’ll have full enjoyment of your deck for years to come — and it can also bring a whole new feel to your outdoor spaces.

Need to kick your Charleston deck back into summer party mode? The professionals at Charleston Realty Painting are standing by and can provide you with the full-service deck sealant or stain that will beautify, preserve and protect your deck for years to come. Schedule your free in-home quote to get started, or call them today at 843-640-5892. Nobody’s better at preparing your deck for summer fun!