Get ‘Transported’ into real estate’s new VR home tours

Viewable on all popular headsets and ready in under an hour, Transported is a worthy player in VR property marketing

Transported is a platform for creating and sharing 3-D and virtual reality (VR) home tours.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: On-site sales offices

Top selling points

  • Room teleporting
  • No hardware upsell
  • Sound enhancements
  • Easy website page embeds

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3 simple ways to stand out in your next listing presentation

Set yourself apart from all the other agents with these easy hacks

Real estate is all about attention. Real estate agents who earn the attention from buyers and sellers will, generally, earn more business.

From banners flying behind airplanes to paying top-billed celebrities to give an endorsement, there is nothing that is off-limits when it comes to gaining attention. These big ticket methods to get noticed are great, but then what?

Once you have the listing appointment and the smoke has cleared from the latest marketing campaign, how do you make yourself stand out even further? What will be the difference between you and your competition? 

There are three simple, and often forgotten, details that separate a memorable listing presentation from the others.

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EMerge wants to create your email marketing strategy, and then some

Company offers creative content and multiple email strategies to reach new agents and new customers

EMerge is an email marketing and lead generation platform for real estate.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: All agents; brokers; agent recruitment; large offices

Top selling points

  • Large library of content
  • Many integrations with popular business tools
  • Superb mobile experience
  • Automated tasks and marketing activities

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Popular software Agile CRM makes its real estate debut

Silicon Valley-based company breaks into RE after 5 years of gaining expertise through multiple industries

Agile CRM is a customer relationship management solution.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Large teams; brokerages

Top selling points

  • Established, multi-industry CRM
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Multiple forms of task automation
  • Simple, highly visual user interface (UI)

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7 ways to get fired by your buyer clients

If you lose their trust, you’ve lost the transaction

Real estate is a business of relationships. Real estate relationships, as in life, can be good and bad.

The majority of homebuyers are satisfied with their homebuying experience; 89 percent would use their agent again or recommend him or her to others. Relationships that sour may be few and far between, but they do happen.

These seven mistakes will send your buyers heading for the hills.

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The truth about millennial homebuyers

What you should know about working with this generation

The millennial penchant for artisanal cuisine, coupled with their apparent reluctance to invest, has been the source of much debate in recent months. Who knew craft beer and cold brew coffee could spark so much controversy?

While older generations worry about the economic impact of perceived generational changes in spending habits, millennials are quick to point to student loan debt and an increased cost of living as the culprit of their alleged financial woes.

But when it comes to homeownership, could both sides of the generational spectrum be misinformed? Here are a few misnomers floating around out there about millennials and the truth.

Warning: The facts may shock you.

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Switching brokerages? Ask these 8 questions first

Stop playing musical chairs with your career

In our industry, I see a lot of musical chair real estate agents — those who jump ship because they continue to find discontent with firm after firm.

They might quickly change business cards because they are blinded by “shiny new object” syndrome when new companies come to town and offer snazzy technology (not yet implemented or proven to work) or a piece of the “rock” that might later turn out to be a sand dune. Others may prefer to throw blame balls at the teams or companies they work with because their personal performance is lacking.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. Speaking from firsthand experience, I certainly understand the need to move brokerages on occasion. I am contemporary enough to know that the days of a person staying at one job or company for a lifetime are long gone.

Certainly, it is the norm for any of us to make a few upward moves over a period of time as we ascend in our profession. But there’s a difference between chasing the greener grass and authentic shifts toward career success.

Changing firms is a big decision. Instability — or too much mobility — not only dilutes our personal brand but also causes a lack of confidence in our clients.

Therefore, if you find yourself discontent (again) in your current firm, or if you are considering moving to a new brokerage, here are eight questions (and a few that spring off of those) to consider before you move.

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