The secret weapon making agents more productive at JohnHart

Firm uses ‘agent liaisons,’ licensed staff members who direct the transaction and all communication, for quality control and better time management

Successful agent Cyndi Lesinski admits she has always been one of those people with “one foot out the door” of her brokerage.

But in her current position with JohnHart Real Estate, a firm with 277 agents and 50 staff members in Los Angeles, Lesinski plans to stick around because she has seen her transaction sides double from 28 in her first year with the company to 56, thanks to a set of systems supporting the brokerage’s agents.

The team leader is especially attached to her “agent liaison,” a licensed staff member who directs the transaction and all communication with support staff and has become a secret weapon of sorts to boosting productivity at JohnHart. An agent liaison is not to be confused with a transaction coordinator, Lesinski said.

“The transaction coordinator will tell you, you are missing this — my agent liaison takes care of the missing piece,” Lesinski said.

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7 tips for handling seller pricing objections

How to have the tough conversation when sellers are overvaluing their home

As a real estate agent, you’ve probably met all kinds of objections from sellers about the listing price of their home. Sellers, after all, want to sell for the highest amount possible.

Some sellers become sentimentally attached to their home and think it should be worth much more than it is.

Some sellers have heard tales of hot real estate markets and have high expectations, which are often met with disappointment.

Others might have their eye on a certain price so they can buy a new home.

Regardless of the objection, there are always ways for agents to overcome them. Here are seven ways to overcome seller pricing objections.

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5 open house sign mistakes that’ll cost you foot traffic

Agents who invest in their sign strategy benefit from more potential buyers and exposure to the entire community

Ordinarily, I write from the real estate marketer perspective. However, for this article, I am combining my marketing expertise with my frustrations as a prospective homebuyer in an effort to provide creative solutions for real estate agents making critical open house sign mistakes.

There are a few factors that contribute to signs delivering poor results and frustrating traffic, versus encouraging passersby to actually check out a listing. Below are five open house sign problems I’ve seen as a house hunter.

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3 quick and easy real estate SEO tactics that any agent can do

All you need is a smart phone and a blog to stand out from the crowd

SEO (search engine optimization) can seem a bit mystical. I think, as a real estate agent, we probably get a call or email on a weekly basis from someone promising that we’ll be on the first page of Google.

Today, I’m going to bring you three quick and easy real estate SEO tactics that any real estate agent can do (aka three easy blog topics).

Real estate SEO in 2018 is all about killer content that people actually want and not about going after “City + Real Estate” keyword phrases. So instead of worrying about what Zillow already owns, go after something different. What you’ll find is that if you do this process, you’ll be building your brand as well.

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Is your tech vendor monetizing your data?

4 red flags to look for

The real estate industry undeniably now runs on data. Mining and analyzing data requires sophisticated tools that allow today’s agents and brokers to make better-informed business decisions.

However, vendors and some of the nation’s largest brokerages, are trying to stake claim to data that does not belong to them. Some brokerages have even recently expanded their business models to include a technology component — whether to protect your data for your benefit or for theirs remains unclear.

And it’s not just MLS data or lead and contact data we’re talking about. It’s also behavioral data such as what your leads look at, the properties they save, the actions they take and when they take them.

Entities are taking the information you submit on their platforms in an effort to monetize it at an alarming rate, even doing so without you realizing it.

This raises the obvious question: Who should really own your data? You as the real estate professional who obtained the data or the organization that aggregates it?

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The 7 dos and don’ts of a show-stealing listing presentation

How to win sellers over and get the listing

Sometimes the most important determining factor in whether or not you earn a new listing is the quality of your listing presentation. When you meet with clients about their home, you are essentially auditioning for the role of their new real estate agent.

So if you want the part, you need to ensure that you set the stage for your success. The following list of dos and don’ts will help you create a listing presentation that will steal the show.

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8 things all agents should keep in their car to be show-ready

Pack a ‘to-go bag’ so that you’re always prepared to help clients, no matter where you are

Weekends are full of activities, especially for real estate agents. There are always times when you think you’re free and clear to go to your kid’s soccer game or run a few errands, and a client will call and completely upheave your plans.

Emergencies pop up in everybody’s lives. One way to be prepared at all times is to have a “to-go bag” in your car. Here are eight items you should consider keeping in your car to help you be ready at the drop of a hat.

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